Dice Games

Dice games are a family of games that are played using a dice or a number of dices. These games also have some of the oldest historical records. In fact, various forms of dice games have been mentioned in old documents dating as far back as 3000 BC. Ancient dices have also been found in remnants of Egyptian tombs. These games were also quite popular during the Roman times.

These games are known for their versatility. Many times these games are simply based on luck; however, skill and proper planning also play a significant role in deciding who will be the winner at the end of the game. Some dice games can be played by only 2 players. Other varieties of dice games can be played by more number of players; some can even be played by twenty or more players. Dice games have found immense popularity with all age groups and both 4-year olds as well as 70-year old people seem to like them.

Dice Games Image These games also have an educational side to them. Dice games encourage children to count and play with numbers as well as teach them how to perform quick mental calculations. These games are also an excellent way to reinforce various concepts, such as taking turns, keeping score both on paper as well as making mental calculations, winning or losing gracefully, developing patience and various other important skills. By the time a child reaches the age of 7, he or she might even learn how to avoid throwing the dice to the floor every time they roll the dice. It is also during this point when they start developing the urge to try to manipulate the dice and affect the outcome of the dice rolling. Although a lot of dice games for young children depend primarily on luck, many games also require strategic thinking and careful planning.

Another important feature of dice games is that they are portable. This means that it is fairly easy to carry the equipments of a dice game. You can conveniently carry a small number of dice in your pocket and most dice games only require a pencil and one small sheet of paper to calculate the results. While traveling with a collection of your favorite games, you can carry a bundle of print-outs, some small pencils, a number of dices and some other vital equipment in a box or a small re-sealable plastic bag.

Nowadays numerous varieties of dice games, like Yahtzee, are readily available in game shops. You can also place a mail order to purchase them. Most young children love to handle and play with small dices and are eager to build up their own collection of dices. Dices are also very cheap. A number of dice designs can be found in the existing genres of dice games, and they can be certainly picked up from small stationery stores, gaming shops, discount stores, educational catalogues and garage sales. Many individuals also buy sets of dice games just to collect the dice.